Bedrok’s new brand identity

We believe impactful creative design shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for big brands with deep pockets. We make these services accessible to all businesses, helping them grow through engaging and effective marketing.

It takes any new business a little while to find its sweet spot. As it grows, gets older and of course wiser, it settles into its skin. This process takes time and only comes by learning from both successes and mistakes made along the way. And yep, we’ve had experience of both of those sides here at Bedrok! Every winner was a beginner after all…you don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs…and other such metaphors.

This evolution means that nearly every brand will go through a fine tuning process (can’t think of any good ones that haven’t). And so it should do too! If a business is evolving, moving forward, it needs to shift and adapt to its changing customer needs. Maybe it needs to add in new products / services to remain at the top of its game? Regardless of how a business changes, it must ensure its branding evolves in line with it. See our blog on 6 reasons why you should rebrand as to what might trigger this process.

We at Bedrok are no exception to these rules. What we set out to achieve nearly six years ago when we started and more importantly why we chose to do it, hasn’t changed. But now that we have a greater clarity on our audience we have been able to hone our brand, our value  proposition and messaging to better suit their needs.

So it’s with great excitement that we are able to share with you our refreshed brand! 

What we’re about
We believe first class strategy, design and marketing shouldn’t be exclusive to big brands with deep pockets. Why should they be the only ones to benefit from brand led marketing as the associated costs put it out of reach for most? We believe all brands deserve design solutions that drive growth.

How do we make it accessible?
We’ve designed our business for value by running a virtual collective model. We’ve assembled a team of industry experts each with their own specific skills and own businesses.
We come together under Bedrok in response to our clients’ needs, whether that be all of us or just one. Our clients get the right expertise, when they need it, and only pay for that.
No fancy offices, no hidden costs, no bums on seats waiting to be paid, just low overheads and savings to pass on.

New face
Our new identity is a reflection of this desire to support all ambitious businesses, both big and small. We won’t bleat on about the design, typography, colours etc., we hope that you can spot the principles behind it without us having to bore you with industry jargon. But equally happy to geek out with those that are interested. At the very least though, we just hope you like it!

New engine
We’ve made some spangly new ‘4D’ processes that make it easy to extract the gold contained within our clients, so we can best support them with creative solutions to their challenges. We’ve also branded the way we support our clients with our ‘F.A.S.T’ business model.

All of the above has been designed with our clients in mind to ensure we deliver the best results for them, lifting their businesses to the next level.

We’re really rather proud of our new brand and hope you like it too! 


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