Driving Safer Roads

The biggest non-illness killer of 17-24 years olds in the UK today, is road traffic collisions (RTC). Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service approached us to help support the design and launch of their Project Pictogram - Driving Safer Roads initiative. The brief was to create a new set of pictograms and a full set of usage guidelines, aligned to the design style Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinkier created in the British Road Signage unification project of 1965. The pictograms are there to educate a diverse audience about safer driving habits in the modern world.

The idea was is use the marketing nudge theory by making the pictograms visible on every journey on the back of lorry/coach/van fleets, taking advantage of their advertising space. When you're sat in traffic staring at the back of a lorry, you are faced with these subtle messages reminding you of the 'Fatal Four' driver behaviours present in almost all Killed or Serious Injury collisions (KSI).
Let alone the loss of life, the resulting finical implications to businesses as a result of road closures due to a serious RTC can be vast. It really seemed like a no brainer for brands to embrace this project by adopting these pictograms on the back of their entire fleets....and that they have.
Project Pictogram has been endorsed by Think!, Road Safety GB, RoSPA, IAM, Chief Fire Officers Association, Association of British Insurers, as well as being adopted onto the liveries, packaging, and marketing communication materials of numerous brand from local to international.
We were proud to support this Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service initiative and we sincerely hope that our roads are a safer place as a result of it.

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