A new contemporary image to an old school name

The Bar-King Mad brewery group are all about creating fun, friendly and lively atmospheres in their pubs. They serve traditional pub grub, showcase live music, but they also sport the latest in drink fashion and technology (Prosecco on tap for example). This is their modern twist in a very traditional setting. They can indeed claim a 'traditional setting' as The Dolphin has been standing since 1731 when it was rebuilt after The Great Fire of Blandford which destroyed most of the town so it dripping in history. Our brief was to capture the entertainment and energy that is felt in their pubs plus reflect their modern decor tastes and technology. We we did this......literally. We hand drew all of the things that make them what they are and formed that into a shape of a dolphin. This mixed with the new classic font choice, we think gives them that classy, modern but friendly identity.

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