Transforming the online presence of a packaging design and innovation agency

Tin Horse is a business full of talented creative individuals, designing and making all sorts of packaging that is used all over the world...many of which I'm sure reside in your cupboard right now. Their abilities and credentials were never in question, with successful projects under their belts for many international brands like P&G, Unilever and Coca-Cola, to name but a few. However, their existing website lacked the clarity and presentation that the brand deserved.

We worked with Tin Horse to bring clarity to their brand story and then created a website that, not only told their story effectively, but visually reflected the strength of their brand and ensured they stood strongly amongst their peers.

Tin Horse specialise in the products that people interact with on a daily basis. The products people use so much, that it becomes an unconscious act, and for most they go unnoticed, but not by Tin Horse. They are fascinated by these moments, what makes people tick, and how their products are used and can be improved on. The core of the Tin Horse proposition became 'Transformation for lives, brands and businesses by making sense of real life'.

With a focused brand story as part of a simple but effective web design, our aim was to create a site that Tin Horse would be proud to stand behind. We supported their story with a series of photographs that, combined with a motion photography technique, allow the viewer to seemingly pass through a frozen moment in time. We wanted the viewer to study the unconscious acts of consumers, just as Tin Horse do.

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