Creating the face that fits the Voice Of The Markets

Vox Markets is a niche social network. Created by market professionals for market professionals, Vox Markets is the go-to resource center for the most current stock market information and credible people in the business.

Bedrok created an identity for the 'Voice of the Markets' aimed at the fast paced professionals. Creating a stylised version of the connections icon that is used in social media and turning it on its side to form the V. Aside from the brand identity, we produced introduction films and brochures to support the launch and continue to help with ongoing social media and printed communications.

The facts speak for themselves with Vox members now in control of funds exceeding £750bn, 50k podcast subscribers and 2 million twitter impressions per month. The Voice Of The Markets is certainly telling its story with great effect, and with growing success each and every month.

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