Woolacombe Bay pizza company

In a seaside town in the lovely village of woolacombe in North Devon, you will find some really quite fine takeaway pizzas. I know I've tried them! The Woolacombe bay pizza company sits in the middle of an affluent area and has a wide range of customer demographics. If you have ever been to Woolacombe then you will understand how much of a big deal surfing is in this town. No matter if you are young, old, male or female, pretty much everyone surfs.....and as you can see from the logo this was an integral part of the brief from the client.

The rich royal conservative blue is supported by the yellow to give it a mid range value perception. Hoodies are a surfers staple diet so feel right at home as the uniform in the shop and as part of the brand.

If you've never holidayed in Woolacombe...shame on you! It's well worth a visit even if it's just for a slice of delicious pizza.

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