Borne from frustration – The Anti-Agency

Every brand, no matter what its size, has its very own story….a reason for being….a big bang event that propels a fresh new business into existence. And my ‘Anti Agency’ Bedrok has its very own chapter 1 too.

Having spent a good number of years working my way up to a senior level within a FTSE 100 company as their brand design lead, I did of course get exposed to working with all manner of design agencies. Some were brilliant and some were….well… not.  My years of collected frustration led me to believe that surely if I’m feeling these frustrations with agencies, then I can’t be the only one….right?

So, borne from this frustration was my decision to choose a different path. One that was better for me, but also one that was better for clients. And so I set about creating an ‘Anti Agency’. By addressing all of the things that drove me potty I was hoping to create something different.  So how is Bedrok different I hear you ask? (rhetorically).  Let me explain…

1. We provide ‘Expertise without the Ego’

We don’t bowl in and tell our clients how to run their business or how they should communicate. Our clients know their business way better than we do;  who are we to force our views upon them? Instead, we work in collaboration with them to extract the gold and as communication experts, help shape their story and share that with the world.

2. We work with clients as ‘Trusted Partners’

Our relationships are built on trust. We do what we say we’re going to do. We do not overpromise and underdeliver. If we don’t think we can add value to your business, we’ll tell you. We’re not interested in just taking your money without delivering results.

3. We’re ‘Designed for Value’

If you’re looking for fancy offices and pool tables, that’s not us. Our virtual collective means you get the expertise you need, and only pay for that. You get the expert most relevant to you, or all of us, dependent on your project. Expertise when it matters.

So if you’re suffering the same frustrations as I was, and are looking for a creative agency that is all about expert work without the colossal price tag, please get in touch.



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