Bedrok’s new brand identity

We believe impactful creative design shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for big brands with deep pockets. We make these services accessible to all businesses, helping them grow through engaging and effective marketing. It takes any new business a little while to find its sweet spot. As it grows, gets older and of course wiser, it settles into […]


A piece that we’ve been working on, depicting how we place the value of our own self image above things of greater importance. Awareness by design…

6 reasons why you should rebrand

There are a number of reasons that might prompt a rebrand, here are the top 6 in our opinion. 1. To grow your business In at number one is the affect that a well built brand can have on a business. Growth! A sound product / service, wrapped around a clearly articulated brand story, with […]

Borne from frustration – The Anti-Agency

Every brand, no matter what its size, has its very own story….a reason for being….a big bang event that propels a fresh new business into existence. And my ‘Anti Agency’ Bedrok has its very own chapter 1 too. Having spent a good number of years working my way up to a senior level within a […]

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