Weta Precision



Weta Precision is a company within the competitive long distance shooting community. They are a startup business that have developed an App that takes into consideration, weather conditions, wind speed and distance over a shooting range to calculate their bullet trajectory. It informs the user how to adjust their sight to hit the target with accuracy over┬ádistances up to and above one mile. A ‘Weta’ is a giant, rather ugly and scary insect from New Zealand. Weta Precision’s company name is about facing your fears.


There are already in circulation apps operating in this space. But these apps are either not very accurate, don’t pull the right data in or if they do, they are extremely unintuitive and hard to use. Weta Precision have set about creating an App that pulls in live accurate weather information based on location, all wrapped around an intuitive and simple interface.


Our role was to help with the visual ID to their business. In a very male dominated sport with lots of ex-forces members as part of the community, the ID needed to feel at home in that environment. We wanted the insect image to form part of the logo and interact with the typography, appearing aggressive and almost as if it was about to pounce!



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