B&Q’s parent company Kingfisher, is Europe’s leading home improvement retailer with over 1300 stores across 10 countries. They offer DIY and home improvement products and services to nearly six million customers who shop in their stores and through digital channels every week. 


Kingfisher was launching their new range of Kitchen Garden products. These were to be a range of mix and match vegetable patch products, with everything from the base box to the green house tents that sit over the top. Their target market was families with young children. These products were to be the gateway to get children into growing their own vegetables at home. They needed a full set of illustrations and point of sale that was informative but playful enough to engage with this audience.


Giving a rustic, stripped back look and feel, we produced a set of hand-drawn and coloured illustrations, perfectly capturing the back-to-basics nature of the products. We wanted an ink and watercolour style to make them feel hand crafted, with that personal touch much like the act of growing your own veg. We also created a full suite of point of sale including a removable growing guide showing you when to sow, grow and harvest your crop! We were so taken with this that a couple of us in the studio grabbed our very own sets to build with our kids. Great fun family time…and good for you too!

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