English Rose Collection is a private hire transfer service. The business is aimed predominantly at business professionals travelling to and from airports and meetings who need to continue to work en-route. 


With a successful business already under their belt they were ready to take it to the next level. They needed to separate themselves from the competition of the more standard taxi companies with the rise of the likes of Uber. 


We worked with English Rose to help shape the direction of their brand proposition. They weren’t competing on price, for them it was about the personal touch and high service levels they offer. We extracted the values they live by and deliver against, and these formed the essential part of their brand narrative. We also identified a hidden gem; their currently under-utilised tour service. Through a new brand ID, a full suite of art directed photographs, printed materials and website, we told their new brand story. Every journey taken, every communication created and every customer interaction, became centred around trust. Whether clients are on their way to an important meeting or a long haul business flight, English Rose removes any stress ensuring their client arrives on time and feeling on top of their game. 


English Rose Collection has boasted double digit profits year-on-year since the rebrand and regularly receives great feedback about their website. The biggest coup was landing a large new client that previously had never been interested in working with them. The new branding lifted them from being seen as just a taxi company to the professional private hire transfer service they are. With greater attention to their tours offer, this has now grown to become a staple diet detour during many airport runs for overseas clients. 

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